About the Collection

The Greer Lankton Collection is an assemblage of materials comprising over 15,000 items in eight series; artwork, ephemera, periodicals, photographs, photo albums, slides and negatives, journals and correspondence documenting the life and work of American artist, Greer Lankton.  

The collection highlights how this seminal artist was relating to issues of sexuality, gender-identity, transfeminism, iconography, pop culture and consumerism, alongside battles with abuse, mental health issues, anorexia, drug addiction, and the AIDS crisis which surrounded her. 

The collection dates from the artist's birth in 1958 to untimely death in 1996, shortly after her installation, “It’s All About ME, Not You” opened at the Mattress Factory Museum. Thanks to the generosity of the Lankton family, both her installation and archive were donated to the Mattress Factory, the former in 2009 and the latter in 2014 – events also detailed in the archive.

Please be advised: Some portions of this archive contain unredacted depictions of potentially triggering content including sexual assault, physical/emotional abuse, child abuse, self-harm/suicide, eating disorders, pornographic content, death/dying, mental illness, ableism, racism/racial slurs, sexism, misogyny, targeted religious slurs/hateful language, transphobia/transmisogyny and homophobia/heterosexism.