Rhona Byrne

Rhona Byrne is an artist who lives and works in Dublin, Ireland. She attended the National College of Art and Design where she received her BFA in Sculpture. Her art practice is site and context specific combining sculpture and spatial environments with performance and processes of participation that explore a negotiation of object, materiality, place and social practice. Her practice often operates on or occupies the ‘threshold’ between sculpture and architecture, sculpture and theatre, sculpture and performance, sculpture and environmental psychology. Rhona Byrne's hand-­made objects, installations and collaborative, event-­‐based, projects explore the interplay between people and their habitat. Her practice is predominantly context responsive which includes a rigorous approach to research into the particularities of a site, context and the people who shape it. She employs an interdisciplinary approach often collaborating with diverse industries, groups and individuals. Her work is often a catalyst to generate other narratives for its participants and an invitation to explore the person-environment relationship and the unstable conditions of place and affect, spatial experience, meaning and emotion. 
March 20 – August 8, 2010
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