Japanese, b. 1952
Eiko was born in 1952 in Tokyo Japan.  Eiko and her Partner, Koma have studied dancing under  Kazuo Ohno, Tasumi Hijikata, and later with Manja Chmiel. Their performances focus on creating media works as as means of communication with their audiences. Eiko and Koma focuses their dances on evoking empathy from their audiences. In 1976 Eiko moved to New York with Koma and the performed all over, in museums, festivals, universityies, and galleries.  There performance  contains stillness and elemental subjects. They have preformed "living installations" where they perform during all open hours of the museum.  Koma and Eiko both have two "Bessies" and "the first collaborative pair to share a MacArthur Fellowship" (Eiko Bio). Eiko  is one of the founding artist for the Center for Creative Research. She currently teaches  her piece "Delicious Movement" in art schools, colleges, and communities.
September 30 – October 1, 1989
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