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periscope, door, hand rail, window shade, closet door, balcony, line of scent

Six artists worked together on all parts of this installation. Their work begins outside on the sidewalk.

There is a periscope, built in the same fashion and with the same molding as the building itself. A small binocular-type eyepiece provides a video constantly showing a waterfall. The video can be viewed only in this place, but it is the first of a number of references to inside images and outside images.

On the stairwell between the 2nd and 3rd floors is a handrail with water circulating through it.

On the 2nd floor, a cast resin door appears to provide entry to a gallery, but it does not open. The door, constructed in a manner that suits the architecture, permits natural light from the windows in a closed-off gallery. Windows in the accessible gallery are covered with foam core that repeats the pattern of the tin ceiling.

In the next gallery is a steel railing which looks onto a horizon line, cut into the wall. From the horizon line comes the scent of fresh grass (replenished regularly in the felt liner of the incision).

A miniature door separates the two galleries on this floor. There is the sound of a waterfall, the recording hidden in a nearby closet.

There are three windows with pull blinds made of transparencies. Each is a photograph of the actual scene outside the window, taken on a beautiful sunny day. The three shades are kept partially pulled, each set to a different height. The scene may line up perfectly with the outside view, or it may not, depending upon one's height.
November 20, 1993 – June 26, 1994
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