X knows P / Valerie Brodar




drywall, paint, graphite, aluminum and lead triangle, audio from televisions

Brodar constructed a triangular space and painted all the surface, including the ceiling and floor, white.

Hand-written messages cover the wall, floor and ceiling - even the light bulbs. A partial transcription reads: "female perception male perception sound perception voice perception homosexual perception heterosexual perception sex perception violence perception racism perception sexism perception human perception responsibility perception pornographic perception."

From behind the walls, ten televisions, all tuned to different stations, fill the air with different noises and a jumble of messages. The words and sound are continuous but indiscernible.
Artist Statement
It is important that my work be accessible to a wide audience. There is at least one level that can be easily discerned, opening a door to an understanding. I want the viewer to slow down and become involved in an internal dialogue with the work, to become isolated from the presence of others and immersed in his or her own memories and thoughts. I wish to create an environment in which the viewer will have a physiological response, not only a cerebral one. The viewer completes the work in an ever changing interaction, reaction, experience. Sharing a multifaceted reality, an internal conversation hidden to the external, a dialogue of memories lost and found.
About the Artist
Valerie Brodar holds a BFA from Carnegie Mellon University in Printmaking and Fiber Arts. She also holds a MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in Time Arts. She focuses on multimedia installations that explore the contructs of personal narratives.
October 20, 1990 – January 20, 1991
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