Roadkill / Nika Kupyrova




tile, fluorescent lights, found materials

Artist Statement
I find the deep-rooted familiarity and strong narrative potential of found objects very appealing. Essential to my work is the ability of such objects to create an emotionally charged space, which allows the viewer to interpret it according to their unique experience. Materials are always the starting point of my work; the resulting multi-layered, tactile pieces use the functions and sentiments of the original materials to create fictional objects, which are partly recognizable, although alarmingly undefined. In my installation for the Mattress Factory I wanted to create a pure, clinical space: in the glowing white room the objects appear detached from their initial functions. They seem intimate although impersonal. Inside the space there seems to be a shift in perception and unexpected connections between the objects emerge intuitively. According to the rules of dream logic, these relationships appear authentic, but when watched too closely they disintegrate.
About the Artist
Nika Kupyrova is an artist, curator, and art enthusiast. She was born in Ukraine and studies art in the Czech Republic, Scotland, and Iceland. Kupyrova received her BA in Drawing and Painting from Edinburgh College of Art and her MA in Transdisciplinary Arts from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. She has exhibited both nationally and internatioanlly, including the National Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow; WIELS Contemporary Art Centre, Brussels; LENTOS Kunstmuseum Linz, Prague; Meetfactory Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague; Lust Gallery, Vienna; SODA Gallery, Bratislava, and Lothringer13, Munich.
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