Parasitic Reflectivity in a 90° Two-Step / Dee Briggs





Artist Statement
This installation is the next step in my exploration of geometry, symmetry and chirality. This piece is the first in a series that are directly responding to their architectural context. Their proportion, scale, organization and position are directly related to the formal and spatial aspects of the building. The components and compositions are three-dimensional reflections of each other that lack an internal plane of symmetry, which is what makes them chiral. They then follow the rules of a two-step 90° rotation in relation to each other – component to component, composition to composition - they dance. This piece was made possible by the generous friendship and support of Julie Allen, Atticus Adams and Garry Pyles.
About the Artist
Dee Briggs was born in Western Pennsylvania and raised in the northern panhandle of West Virginia. At the age of 18, Briggs moved to New York City. She studied architecture at the City College of New York and earned a Master of Architecture degree from Yale University.
Briggs has exhibited her work nationally, including The Sculpture Center, Cleveland, OH; The Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh, PA; Newcomb Museum, New Orleans, LA; The Voigt Sculpture Foundation, Santa Rosa, CA; International Sculpture Biennale, Palm Beach, FL; the Mitchell Museum and Cedarhurst Center for the Arts, Mt. Vernon, IL, and many more. 
Briggs currently splits her time between Pittsburgh and New York. She has taught in the schools of art and architecture at Carnegie Mellon University and exhibits nationally. 
May 8 – June 20, 2010
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