Portrait of the Artist as a Museum / Robert Ziller




one-way mirrors

Robert Ziller is an artist and a poet. Remembering a drawing by Man Ray in which a woman's face was represented with reflective eyes, he has installed mirrored glass in the two windows on the upper floor of the façade of 1414 Monterey, transforming the building into a portrait. It meets the visitor with a mutual gaze. Museum Eyes Mirror Window Souls Look In / Look Out! I'll Tell You Something: Every Now And Then This Building Takes A Walk Around The Block.
About the Artist
Robert Ziller is an artist, poet, translator and singer. His work has been exhibited throughout museums and galleries in the United States, including the Hunter Museum of American Art, Norton Museum of Art, Chicago Cultural Center, Monterey Museum of Art, George Eastman House, Andy Warhol Museum, and Mendelson Gallery. His shows at both the Whitney Museum and New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York are Art-O-Mat works in collaboration with Michael Saxman.
January 8 – February 28, 2002
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