Rainforest Diptych / Athena Tacha




drywall seam tape

Yards of drywall seam tape twist, once, before joining ceiling to floor in crossed diagonal lines which fill each space. In one room, excess tape curls on the floor. In the other, tape ends dangle from the ceiling. The stark white of the tape is reflected in the highly polished wooden floors.
Artist Statement
The idea that led to the tape sculptures literally came to me in a dream in late 1976. It was both an image and a title: 'from wall to floor.' The tape sculptures deal with relationships between edges and dimensions of interior and architectural spaces.
About the Artist
Athena Tacha was born in Larissa, Greece in 1936. She studied sculpture and received her MFA in 1959 from the National Academy of Fine Arts. She then taught at the Alliance Française. She then went to the United States to study art history and to obtain her MA from Oblerin College in Ohio. In 1961 she obtained a fellowship for a Ph.D and studied art history and asethetics at Sorbonne University of Paris. in 1967 her first art history book was published. She has traveled extensively for her artwork.
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