Studio Portrait of the Artist / Dennis Bergevin




working studio/ wig and make-up, wax dolls, mannequin, puppet, client photos, vintage clothes, opera costume drawings, found objects and personal art, magic of theater and real life

Dennis Bergevin, who makes wigs for no less than twenty opera companies in this country, has recreated his studio space with so rich a mixture of personal memorabilia, that it becomes a moving self-portrait. The site becomes a performance place where his public and private lives become one.
About the Artist
Dennis Bergevin has twenty-five years of experience as a professional opera make-up artist and twelve years of experience as a sculptor working with clay. Growing up, he was always inspired by his mother’s artistic paintings. He was a natural artist and always had a talent in various different mediums. His career as an artist took off when he was awarded a grant to study makeup and wig-making at the National Opera Institute in New York City. Bergevin lives in Pittsburgh’s Northside and is an active artist, working mostly in the mediums of sculpture and painting. 
October 27 – December 8, 2001
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