Ancient Instincts / Mbovu Malinga




single channel video of choreographed performance, 4-channel audio loop

Artist Statement
I am Mbovu Malinga, born in Free State (South Africa) and currently residing in Cape Town.

As an artist, I believe in humanity, not that the equality of people is determined by their worth economically: the unbalanced life where minority is worth billions and majority not even a rand. Economics, relgion, culture, race and sex still separate us to a point where we view each other as statistics instead of human beings.

Through my work I create awareness among our people that all systems that govern us should never make us ignore the realities around us. I make us of my artistic voice to challenge the injustice of these systems, to bring about change.
About the Artist
Mbovu Malinga is a performing artist, specializing in theater and dance, as well as a community activist who works with children in Cape Town and the surrounding rural areas.
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