Solar Grow Room / Meg Webster




plywood, soil, perlite, plants, steel, Mylar, LED grow lights, off-grid solar powered electrical system

Artist Statement
For several years, I have been creating earthworks, composed of nectar plants, intended to supplement the diminishing natural environments supportive to bees. These works have been titled Concave Room for Bees. Concurrently, I have created several indoor works, which support the germination of plants through the use of solar energy. These pieces have been powered by photovoltaic panels and low power-drawing LED grow lights. In response to the overwhelming trend of declining bee health and the decimation of their populations, I am bringing together aspects of these past works to make this installation entitled Solar Grow Room.
Habitat loss and the overuse of pesticides are greatly affecting honeybees and the approximately 3,999 other bee species living in North America. The production of seeds, nuts, berries, fruits and vegetables are highly dependent on insect pollination, and bees compose the majority of pollinators. Solar Grow Room will serve as replenishment to this ecological threat.
Here within the Mylar covered walls and double rows of raised beds are beautiful plants from Brenckle’s Farm and Greenhouses. In early spring, these plants will be moved out to a nearby small yard and the planters will be filled with native nectar plant seedlings to be grown up and once again moved into the yard, giving the native bee populations a natural respite.
The Spring seedlings will be gathered from Pizzo Native Plant Nursery.
About the Artist
Meg Webster creates minimalist sculptures meant to be directly perceived by the body. She works with natural materials such as soil, raw wood, and plants.
October 6, 2017 – July 29, 2018
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