Stations / Ezra Masch




10 channel video

Stations is a multi-channel video installation created with footage shot simultaneously from ten windows of a moving train. Participants were recruited on the subway platform and asked to shoot video using their own cell phones. The footage was collected via email and compiled/synchronized/edited by the artist. (Special thanks to: Feisal Ahmad, Yoshi Asei, AnnMarie Avila, Gaston Becherano, Lisa Kay Davis, Christian Incapie, Jenna Michaels, Nancy Ngo, Catherine Roedel, Janine Rupp, and Halie Saferstein.)

The videos are projected onto ten screens that have been laid out according to the distance between the windows of the train. Combining multiple points of view, the projections come together to form a fractured panorama. Flashes of light and color indicate the placement of work lamps that hang from steel beams underground, accentuating the tunnel structure through visual patterns and intervals. As the train moves from the tunnel into the station, the imagery shifts from abstraction to figuration. Ten cameras, each with their own perspective and parallax, create an unfolded depiction of the subterranean passage. Gaps in between the screens imply the space of the train's interior, delineating form through an interplay of moving image and physical space.
About the Artist
Ezra Masch is an interdisciplinary artist from Philadelphia who combines musical instruments, lights and mechanical and digital systems to create sculpture, installation, sound and performance works. He received a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design, and a MFA from the University of Texas, Austin. He has exhibited his work throughout the United States and internationally, including exhibitions in Austin, Philadelphia, New York, Moscow and Rome. He currently teaches at the Moore College of Art and Design, Philadelphia.
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