Edgar Thompson Mountain / Sarah LaPonte



Edgar Thompson Mountain is like a hand around your waist, like picking ticks off your neighbors necks, like selling a tv during a backyard wedding. When you climb Edgar Thompson Mountain, split a forty at the top and watch the smoke drift across the hollow down towards the main line, call out to the bessemer and wait for it to holler back.
Edgar Thompson Mountain is an old feud town where the Steelers always win and stuffed cabbage is always on special. It is cash only and open late, but closed on Sundays. The elevation of Edgar Thompson Mountain makes it easy to find but hard to stay, harder to leave. The tracks are always hot there and the storefronts always dusty but in in Edgar Thompson Mountain, the mailman checks back and there's always someone to help scrap a fridge or fix the roof.

For information regarding site seeing locations, real estate opportunities, and local zoning protocol on Edgar Thompson Mountain, please reference Good Days Gone Cold Days: a zine made by Sarah LaPonte and Helen Jones available online ( and in the Mattress Factory gift shop.
About the Artist
Sarah LaPonte is a multidisciplinary artist currently based in Braddock, Pennsylvania. She holds a BFA from Pacific Northwest College of Art and is the founder of Half-Stop, an extra-small press focused on photography zines and short-run artist publications.
February 20 – May 14, 2015
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