Dual Quartet / Takehisa Kosugi




audio; audio generator/processor, amplifier/speaker, canvas, plastic tubing, cable, LEDs, seating

In Dual Quartet, Kosugi uses four plexiglass tubes containing small speakers that hang from the ceiling aiming sound into the space. Each tube makes a separate sound that corresponds with four small canvases that create light patterns from LED's behind them.
Artist Statement
There are 4 electronic oscillators to produce different audio signals,with pitch-shifters for the 3 of them. The signals are distributed into 2 of the 4 channel amplifier, as the each signal is to be divided to the 2, the one to the sound transducers (piezo speakers), and the other to the light transducers(LEDs). The sound transducers are put into the plastic tubes, and are hung from ceiling by cables, and the light transducers are put inside of the canvases arranged on the wall.
About the Artist
Takehisa Kosugi incorporates mixed-media sound performances and installations that combine everyday materials with electronic technology.
October 7, 2000
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