Untitled installation / Meg Webster




wood, hay, earth

Three enclosures stand in the long gallery--a conical form of rammed earth, a tall, narrow box of natural pine, and a pyramid of hay.

You squeeze through the narrow opening of the mud form. The tapering walls are damp to your touch. The smell is cool and earthy.

You climb a steep ramp into the wooden box. Two can sit inside on benches protruding from opposite walls, with knees touching, inhaling the odor of raw wood, leaning against the unfinished boards.

"The work is both object and space for entering a kind of pre-architecture. The pieces in this installation are both sculptural forms and vessels meant to be entered by the viewer and perceived from within."

High, spongy steps of baled hay lead up into the third enclosure, a silent chamber of sweet-smelling grasses six feet above the gallery floor.
About the Artist
Meg Webster creates minimalist sculptures meant to be directly perceived by the body. She works with natural materials such as soil, raw wood, and plants.
September 8 – October 20, 1984
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