Paul Rosenblatt

American, b. 1959
Paul Rosenblatt received both his BFA and Master of Architecture from Yale University. His architectural practice, Springboard Design, envisions innovative museums, exhibitions, workplaces, and homes. Recent architectural projects include the National Aviary, Carnegie Mellon University’s Tartan’s Pavilion, the Teenie Harris Exhibition at the Carnegie Museum of Art, and Creator Square Johnstown. His artistic practice focuses on memory and the mundane, elevating the everyday through multimedia installations, paintings, and sculpture. Paul’s work has been included in such places as the 2003 Pittsburgh Biennial, National Academy of Art, and in single artist installations at the Erie Art Museum, Lafayette College, West Virginia University’s Mesaros Galleries, and the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts.
December 21, 2002 – January 26, 2003
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