Archives of the Carnegie International, 1896-1991 / Christian Boltanski




5632 cardboard boxes, metal shelving, labels

Boltanski installed the archive of The Carnegie International. The installation records the name of each of the 5632 artists whose work has appeared in the 51 Internationals. Obscure names greatly outnumber those of famous artists.

Built from gray metal industrial shelving, a long corridor stretches from the door to the far exit of the gallery. The shelves extend from floor to ceiling, completely sealing off the rest of the room. The visitor who walks this long and narrow space sees 5632 cardboard boxes, custom made to fit the space, each bearing the name of an artist and the year of the exhibition. Some artists' boxes bear several exhibition dates. A few boxes have blank labels to add future artists. Some boxes contain archival material.

A book listing all the names, a kind of directory to the installation and to the Internationals, was created as part of the exhibition.
About the Artist
Christian Boltanski was born in Paris, France in 1944. He has created films, photographs, and sculptures. He is a self-taught artist who first began with painting then moved on to photography in the 1970's. In the 1980's he began creating installations. All of his work can be pointed to human suffering and experience. He currently lives and works in Paris.
October 19, 1991 – February 16, 1992
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