7 increments / Karl Burke




galvanized steel

Burke’s third work, 7 increments, is outside of the gallery spaces. It takes the form of a large sculptural intervention that is located in a vacant parking lot at 510 Sampsonia Way. This work is made from the type of galvanized steel sections typically used to construct urban fencing. The work consists of seven independent square units each measuring 12 ft by 12 ft set equidistant in a straight line. Burke employs these modular forms to frame the environment they inhabit. Acting like a form of tunnel, its vertical lines and physical scale dissect its surrounding buildings, trees and sky. This configuration and its deliberate use of scale dwarfs the viewer, encouraging them to re-access their personal physicality and relationship with the objects that surround them.
About the Artist
Karl Burke attended the Dun Laoihaire College of Art, Design, and Technology and obtained a degree in Interactive Multi-Media. His work consists of video, photographs, sound works, and installations and he focuses on the perceptions of time and space.
March 20 – August 8, 2010
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