In God We Trust / America’s Most Wanted / José A. Toirac, Meira Marrero + Loring McAlpin




neon, used motor oil, paint, digital print banner, screen prints, decking, sand


The triad of José Toirac, Meira Marrero, and Loring McAlpin explores the depth of the faults in sociopolitical, ideological, religious, and economic systems in their work, In God We Trust/America's Most Wanted. They take on the modern era as one more mirage that vanishes amidst its own beams of light, where confusion, skepticism, and the collapse of utopias open up an even more overwhelming vacuum.

The artists focus their attention on the repercussions and consequences of terrorist acts, taking September 11 as a point of departure. This project also seeks to pay homage to one of the most pertinent figures of contemporary art -- Andy Warhol.

Their work is a probing search of real events, documents, films, and interviews that identify the various and contradictory levels of political-economic and philosophical-religious confrontation. This installation is a refutation of the notion of humanity's historical progress. As the world bears witness to new tragedy, Toirac, Marrero, and Loring manage to create a truthful discourse on the power relations that underlie finance, politics, and religion -- all supper companions at the same table.

The stigma and cliché of the desert, the noxious odors of petroleum, recollections of war, the faces of persecuted terrorists -- all are confronted by the corporal beauty and apparent innocence of young soldiers who waste their youth and time in absurd wars and conflicts. The artists' work establishes a link between uneven realities, laid out in a visual amalgam that leads us into a dangerous zone of confrontations and disjunctions, of leas into the void. There is no God who protects Humanity. The word prudence has been excised from the dictionary. We have all been trained as voracious sheep to carry out cruel acts of cunning.  - Magda Ileana González-Mora, Curator

October 3, 2004 – April 24, 2005
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