El camino de la incertidumbre (The Uncertain Road) / Sandra Ramos




TVs, mirror plastic, wood, foam, Christmas lights, DVD videos, audio


Sandra Ramos obliges us to travel along El camino de la incertidumbre (The Uncertain Road), striving to express on a sensory level the effects of insecurity and instability in contemporary life. Her videos employ a sophisticated resistance that tells an apocalyptic story that brings to mind a hermetic philosophy and a peculiar alchemy of social decadence, disillusion, and deception.

Phantasmagoric images reflect an oppressive atmosphere related to primordial fears. The spectator must be prepared to bridge two sides of the same reality: opulence and misery, generosity and sacrifice, mobility and stagnation, happiness and sadness, truth and lies. - Magda Ileana González-Mora, Curator

About the Artist
Sandra Ramos is a visual artist from Cuba known for her surrealist expression of her relationship to Cuba and the country’s drastic upheavals of the early 1990s. The themes she explores include the severing of family ties and the loss of childhood or innocence; these autobiographical recollections become a metaphor for greater political, social, and economic concerns. Ramos’s works on paper, engravings, and installations are frequently strung together with a visual narrative in which the artist is cast as the main protagonist, embodied as a child-like explorer. Her drawings sometimes contain collaged materials culled from her day-to-day experiences, like maps and passport pages.
October 3, 2004 – April 24, 2005
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