Meditation on the Making of Madness / Tzarinas Of The Plane




10m 50.0s

Artist Statement
Our work subverts the notion of anything proper. Sometimes uncomfortable and embarrassing, our performances give us the courage to be free in a way that challenges the status quo. We work with ideas of ritual, human biology, neuroses and dreams and play in the surreal.

Meditation on the Making of Madness is an experimental film documenting what you do not see in our performances. It is our costumes, sets and props that drive us to perform. Though, they are not always conceptually born, most of the time it's what we begin to physically construct that creates the final adventure. We love to get tactile with scraps, leftovers and all that material stored on the top shelf that hasn't been touched in years. Even a cut out shoulder pad wants to be somebody. It is the evolution of process that can build a story. Thank you and enjoy!   

–Tzarinas of the Plane, 2013
About the Artist
Faina Lerman and Bridget Michael have been performing together as Tzarinas of the Plane since 2008. They are multi-media performance artists whose work crosses disciplines as it crosses audience lines. Their performances explore sound, movement, film, sculpture, puppetry and everything in-between. They have performed in many of Detroit’s alternative art spaces as well as many street corners, backyards, parking lots, abandoned houses, artist installations and vacant lots.
March 1 – May 23, 2013
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