regeneration / Stamatis Marinos




1m 38.0s

Artist Statement
My idea with regeneration was to follow the complete life cycle of a plant, from birth to death, and build a music-like pattern of layered repetitions where the viewer is invited to consider the significance of each moment in relation to the other moments and the life cycle as a whole. The original time-lapse photography by Jan Eric Krikke compresses a few days of life into about 60 seconds, which I then reduced to 30 seconds, tiling the image and repeating select moments. The mushrooms on display are known as the ‘yellow spirit umbrella’, Leucocoprinus birnbaumii, and are commonly found in houseplants the world over.
About the Artist
Stamatis Marinos is a native of San Francisco, CA. He is a filmmaker with a background in independent documentary and narrative films. His credits include In the Bathtub of the WorldFreedom MachinesI am a Sex Addict and Groove, where he can be seen (albeit briefly) holding a teddy bear. He is currently editing a self-produced documentary feature, Fish Fry Fridays, about the intersection of faith, food and commerce within the Pittsburgh tradition of Lenten Fish Fries.
March 1 – May 23, 2013
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