Diaspora / Ryder Henry




paper packaging, wood, sawdust, ash, shredded foam model foliage, carpet fiber greenery, Plexiglas, wood glue, acrylic paints, electric lights

Diaspora is a transition zone between the earthbound city and outer space habitation. First is the walkable city with its variegated buildings, green spaces, waters and vegetation. People come and go in vehicles that they park underground. There is science, entertainment and cultivation. Housing, schooling, medicine and agriculture operate in close proximity with industry and energy production. Most people live here yet some choose to live on islands.

Outside the city are the brick towers that hold sentry across the suburban expanse. These buildings are the hubs of their own autonomies. What they lack in aesthetics, they make up for in utility. In the spaces between, the viewer may imagine farmlands and useful things, being looked after by the occupants of these structures.

Beyond the brick towers we see giant ringships in outer space. These are self-contained biospheres with variable gravity and other necessary space stuff.

Past the ringships is Arabic Star Trek.
About the Artist
Ryder Henry attended the Rhode Island School of Design. Henry's work shows his varied background from growing up around the world. He is a sculptor and painter, most known for his work, 4 Lydia, which is a futuristic model city made from recycled materials.

Ryder Henry creates models of cities that replicate real places in his neighborhood (true to actual scale), combining fantasy sci-fi motifs like space ships and futuristic “Jetson-style” buildings with contemporary architecture. Henry’s preferred medium is recycled cardboard—often collecting boxes right off the street.
September 13, 2014 – May 31, 2015
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